Features Warehouse of bulk

Building area: 8.400 m² (covered);
Ceiling height: 7m;
Hydraulic levelers: 0;
Floor Capacity: 5 ton/m²;
Handling capacity/day:
Grain warehouse: 1.000 tons/day;
Silos: 500 ton/day;

04 silos with a capacity of storage of 20.000 tons;
Aeration and thermometry for storage of cereals;
01 grain warehouse, background semi V, capacity of 37.000 tons;
02 machines for storage in bulk containers;
Hoppers, conveyors and elevators for segregation of bulk solids;
Steely shift to rail cars and containers for cars;

Type of cargo: bulk solids;

Types of operations: transshipment and other;

Security: surveillance on the perimeter.

Differentials: own structure for soybean storage in bulk containers with liner bags.