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The Martini Meat starts to integrate the small roll of the Bonded Terminals, starting to operate with loads of importation and general exportation, loads and containers.




The Martini Meat S/A is an organization certifyd in the System of Quality ISO 9001:2008.
The "Focus in the Customer" and the "Search of the Improvement Continues" in our processes is certifyd by the SGS company of International recognition. The certification alone if keeps in our company for the constant investments in technology, training and professional qualification of our collaborators who are compromised 100% with the System of Management of Quality.


BR 277 - Km 06
P.O. Box 343
ZIP 83215-440
Paranaguá - PR - Brazil


Martini Meat S/A General Warehouses have the most modern infra-structure for storage in the municipality of Paranaguá.
Prepared for the reception of a variety of refrigerated and frozen products in the most rigorous standards of hygiene and quality.
Situated within the Port of Paranaguá are sheds 8A, B and C with access to road and rail.
Martini Meat S/A has the greatest and more modern infra-structure of storage and handling at the Paranaguá.
Know the beginnings of administration of Martini Meat.
In line with our objective to always seek transparency and better corporate governance practices you will find our financial statements audited by KPMG Independent Auditors.

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